Over 300 reviews as of March 2012

Dear USE Readers,

As of 1 March 2012, over 300 films have been seen and remarked upon by Yours Truly. Quite some feat! The majority of them have been enjoyable and the only duds I’ve seen are those Hollywood flicks or their commercial equivalents in other countries I felt I had to see because people were talking about them.

This month I want to get some music reviews done for The Sound Projector and metal-archives.com so I’ll be going easy on reviewing films and not chase them down as if today’s the last day of my life. (Is that a flaming-red meteor I see through the window hurtling towards me?) There’ll be some movies I want to see in March: Iranian Best Foreign Film Oscar winner “A Separation” has just opened in the cinemas today and “Coriolanus” starts next week. Not sure if I want to see the new Polanski flick “Carnage” as I’ve heard it’s one of the master’s flimsier efforts.

Thanks for all your support.


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