Mid-2011 Milestone: over 100 films seen and reviewed this year!

Hi all,

Just done a rough count of every movie I’ve reviewed from the start of January to the end of June and I figured I’ve seen and reviewed just over 100 films so far!

A pretty good selection if I may say so, including some old Hitchcock silents and flicks from the early 1930’s that he’d probably prefer we didn’t know about if he were still alive today, heh-heh! – but as examples of a film-making career in developing a distinctive style and voice, they are for better or for worse part of his legacy to us all whether film-makers, technicians, actors and viewers alike. Also seeing some old favourites like Sergei Parajanov’s “The Color of Pomegranates” and Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira” again was a treat.

Some of the movies I reviewed are available on Youtube.com either as complete movies or in parts. Others I borrowed on DVD from my local library and the rest are from watching TV. So don’t despair if you can’t find them on DVD or can’t get them on free-to-air TV or cable channels.

I’ve had many compliments about my blog site and its appearance and many of you have asked how you can also create your own blog sites. Mine was kindly set up for me by a friend on WordPress.org which offers a tremendous range of themes to help you design and customise your blogs’ appearances.

Once again, I’m very happy that so many people have stopped by to comment on my reviews and the choice of films to review. Thanks again and hopefully over the next six months I’ll be reviewing some more very interesting films. For starters, I’m hoping to find some old Eastern European sci-fi films like “Ikarie XB-1” and “A Bomb was Stolen” so stay tuned. If you can recommend some movies and movie genres that don’t get very much attention in the mainstream film-reviewing press, I’d be glad to investigate those.

Cheers, Nausika.

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