Edward Dowd Explains Bombshell ‘Fraud’ Charge re Pfizer Hiding Deaths Data: an important and historic interview by Dr Naomi Wolf

“Edward Dowd Explains Bombshell ‘Fraud’ Charge re Pfizer Hiding Deaths Data” (Daily Clout, 7 March 2022)

Lionised in the 1990s as a leading spokeswoman in the US feminist movement, writer / political consultant / journalist Dr Naomi Wolf later ended up sidelined by mainstream US media outlets for expressing unorthodox opinions on issues ranging from her defence of Australian journalist Julian Assange vis-a-vis the rape charges against him levelled by two women in Sweden, to ISIS beheadings of two Americans and two Britons in 2014. In the last couple of years, Dr Wolf has made known her opposition to COVID-19 vaccine passports and COVID-19 lockdowns, and her reservations about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines: Wolf’s opinions on these and other aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic phenomenon have put her beyond the pale for most audiences. No doubt her recent interview with former BlackRock portfolio manager and private investor Edward Dowd regarding the safety of Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines is sure to endear her (not!) to the US government and mainstream media.

In this interview, Dowd explains how he and a Wall Street investment analyst acted on information from various sources that the initial trials conducted by Pfizer and its contractors on the BioNTech mRNA vaccine had not been done according to proper scientific standards and that the results of these trials had either been suppressed or distorted; in effect, what Pfizer had done was commit scientific fraud. The interview as it appears on Daily Clout’s Youtube channel is illustrated at critical points by visual stills of articles that emphasise what Dowd says at that particular moment when the still appears. Early on in the interview Dowd describes the experience and ordeal of a whistle-blower supervisor at Ventavia, a Texas-based research company contracted by Pfizer to carry out some of the trials, who was sacked when she raised concerns about the conduct of the trials. (The whistle-blower later went to the British Medical Journal with her information.) Dowd then goes on to discuss information obtained from people in the life insurance industry alarmed at unusually large increases in excess mortality figures of policy holders, and at the faster death rates among younger people than older people in 2021.

The most important information in the interview is delivered in its first 11 minutes; from then on, Dowd and Wolf discuss in detail aspects of what Dowd calls fraud and misconduct that Pfizer (and presumably also Moderna) has committed and how the pharmaceutical corporation has been aided and abetted by the US Food and Drug Administration agency, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and other US government agencies and officials. Dowd also explains how his allegations and fraud charge against Pfizer are protected by First Amendment rights. He shows that evidence of the rise in excess mortality figures among young people is undeniable and is spreading among Wall Street investors, many if not most of whom have taken the COVID-19 vaccines. The interview eventually focuses on how Dowd is alerting more people in Wall Street and the broader investment community and beyond on the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, the collusion between the industry, government and mainstream media.

The interview is very dense with information and meanders from one topic to another. Wolf can come across as breathy and over-eager but she asks very incisive questions that often have the effect of shifting the conversation onto another, significant issue. Dowd is an articulate subject who disavows hero status. Viewers may need to watch or listen to the interview a few times, if they can spare an hour, to absorb all the information but it is well worth studying however many times it needs repeating.