Why in the World are They Spraying? – troubling film on chemtrail / geoengineering programs to modify weather and climate

Michael J Murphy, “Why in the World are They Spraying?” (2012)

This film brings together evidence from aerospace engineers, meteorologists, TV weather reports, ranchers, farmers, ecologists, scientists, financial traders and others that governments are controlling and manipulating weather across the United States, China and most likely other countries with chemtrail / geoengineering programs. There is a lot of information delivered at quite a cracking pace and it may be necessary for most people to watch it at least twice or three times. The organisation of the material here is rather haphazard and covers the history of weather modification methods not just as ways to control rainfall and direct it to areas thought to need it more than others (such as valuable farmland over semi-desert regions) but also as a form of warfare. The documentary takes the form of a series of interviews of several experts and ducks from one expert to another depending on the organic trail of the various issues under discussion that relate to the over-riding theme of government control of global climates for uses deliberately withheld from the public.

Because the film is aimed at the general public, most of whom will have very little knowledge of chemtrails or what is exactly involved in weather modificaton, some basic explanation in the form of a simple diagram or a series of them of what type of jet produces chemtrails and how the jets do this would have helpful near the beginning of the program. This is my main criticism of the documentary, that the information isn’t organised in discrete chapters, each dealing with a different aspect or implication of geoengineering, to enable the maximum number of people possible to understand the problems and dangers facing them personally.

The most astonishing and troubling aspect of the film is how weather, in particular temperatures and precipitation, can be manipulated to force farmers into bankruptcy and off their lands, enabling a corporate land grab, and to influence stockmarket activity in such a way as to favour the share prices of agribusiness corporations engaged in genetic modification of food crops. Corporations could use weather modification to deny precipitation to small farmers and organic farmers, or to send storms to destroy organic crops competing with GM crops. Certain staple crops could be affected by artificial weather events so that global prices rise, leading to food riots and political instability in countries perceived to be hostile to the US. Ecosystems could be put under such severe stress that fungal diseases attack important crops and ruin farmers. Farmers wanting to hang onto their land may be tempted to buy seed from corporations like Monsanto that claim to have produced plants that can resist drought or ecosystem collapse.

In recent years, there have been severe annual droughts in many parts of Africa and it just so happens Monsanto has seed for drought-resistant plants that African farmers are encouraged to grow; in this way, droughts in that continent soften up farmers for a giant corporate raid on their land through their crops.

Unintended (or possibly intended) consequences include massive amounts of toxic air pollution that include aluminium oxide, copper sulphate, barium and strontium which can endanger people’s health and might explain dramatic increases in the rates of asthma seen in many societies.

At its conclusion the film calls people to action by mobilising and organising to alert others of the hidden government / corporate agenda to control climate and through that, corporatise nature and control sources of food, water and air. What the film doesn’t quite address is why governments and private corporations should want ultimate control of and power over nature, and why these institutions appear to be completely oblivious to the health consequences. Could it be that on the contrary, governments and corporations are very aware of the ill effects of chemtrail / geoengineering on human populations throughout the world but insist on going ahead with it precisely because they want to cause population crashes and reductions so that more land will become available for takeover?

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